Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In light of the LA Times and the Orange County Register articles recently posted on Northern Lights, I have a question. Are LDS Social Services therapists still teaching football and other forms of "manliness" in order to "cure" homosexuals? Years ago, a local "therapist" from LDS Social Services spoke to a large group of LDS bishops which I attended. And he described this as part of his therapy. I was serving as a bishop and went away disgusted. I have since never referred anyone to LDS Social Services who was struggling with SSA.

If any of you know of the current policy or practice of LDS Social Services, please comment.

I am convinced that for at least me and many others that SGA has an organic source. Genetics, or more probably conditions in the womb have wired me to have these attractions that are unique to some of us. Few know of my SGA, but no one has ever accused me of not being "manly". I am very curious as to how I will feel once I leave this mortal body. How will I relate with my wife when I am no longer in this telestial state? I am curious, but willing to wait for many many more years to find out.


Sean said...

i was at a lds ss therapist about 18-20 months ago. he told me to pick up the local paper and read through the pic adverts for escorts services. i just looked at him and didnt return.

as if a bunch of scanty looking hookers would magically change my orientation. what a dork!

Tito said...

I don't know if there's a standard LDSFS approach to dealing with this issue, but my impressions is that it's more miss than hit when it comes to working with LDSFS. I'm sure there are some good ones (speaking of dealing with this issue alone--I'm sure they are much better overall at dealing with issues that are better understood), but I don't know many who have had positive experiences.

Even just recently, By a Thread was telling me the LDSFS counselor he has been seeing has counseled him all along not to tell his parents. Finally, out of desperation he told them anyway, and he said it's been one of the best things he could have done. He's frustrated that he couldn't have experienced the relief he does much sooner if he hadn't received such bad counsel from the LDSFS guy.

Again, while I'm sure there are some very competent LDSFS counselors, my general advice would be to steer clear--at least if this is the issue you want to focus on.

Abelard Enigma said...

Are LDS Social Services therapists still teaching football and other forms of "manliness" in order to "cure" homosexuals?

Serious? They really did that?

So, how was this supposed to work? Did the lesbians teach the gay boys how to play football? And, then, were the gay boys to teach the lesbians how to cook and sew?